Designing modern electronics products for wireless, low power and the internet of things

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About us

Ekidna was created to meet the growing demand for professional and flexible engineering design. It has never been easier to create and launch an electronics based product. We are engineers that 'get' business. Our experienced and technical team can help guide you through the process from idea through to product launch.

Vanessa Cochrane

Managing Director

Evan Davey

Managing Director

Our Services

Ekidna creates, designs and implements electronics across the full product life-cycle.
We offer an end-to-end service from rapid prototyping through to design-to-manufacture and firmware.
Our designs use modern digital technologies, suitable for mass production.
We are specialists in low power wireless design using technologies like Bluetooth 4.0/Smart or cellular.

Design and Innovation

Electronics research, design and schematic capture

PCB Layout

In-house PCB layout, focussed on modular designs and rapid revisioning

Firmware & Testing

Firmware developed using modern workflows, optimised for low power hardware

Project Management

We help get products to market - fast. Supply chain management, design for manufacture, component sourcing

Recent Projects

3D Printer Electronics for multi-national

Control panel and motor drivers design, PCB layout, testing and firmware for multi-national software company.

  • ATMega328P
  • DRV8825
  • Beagle Bone Black
  • OLED
  • LED ring
  • capacitive touch
  • C++
  • I2C

Telehealth Cloud Sensor Platform

Project management, electronics design, PCB layout, software consulting, debugging and testing for Telehealth sensor gateway device.

  • AM335X
  • DDR3
  • WiFi/WiFi SoC
  • 3G Cellular
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Audio streaming
  • Video streaming
  • USB
  • Mono and C#
  • PIR

NFC Wifi Door Entry System

Prototype hardware and software (firmware and API) for hot-desk company.

  • Beagle Bone Black
  • NFC/PN532
  • WiFi
  • Python/Django
  • Bluetooth 4.0

NFC / 2G prototype cashless parking device

ATMega328P/SIM900/PN532 based cashless parking device prototype for remote carpark deployment.

  • ATMega328P
  • NFC/PN532
  • SIM900
  • Highly optimised C++

Enocean based real-time gateway device

Prototype hardware and packet processing firmware for EnOcean wireless home automation gateway device, including real-time webapp (node.js)

Telecare tablet sourcing

Sourcing of 3G tablets from China for US based Telehealth client. Also providing ongoing hardware and software (Android OS) consulting.

AA battery powered 2G security/monitoring device

Prototype hardware and firmware design and implementation for 2G AA-battery powered security monitoring device.

Optimised GPRS power system design; ATMega328P;TI MSP430; I2C; low power

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